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[DOI: 10.21982/pzj2-fm81 _target: ] Optimized Twin Dictionaries (OTD) for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion
Han, Xiaolin; Xue, Jing-Hao; Sun, Weidong
This MATLAB code is designed to fuse low-spatial-resolution hyperspectral (LH) images and high-spatial-resolution multispectral (HM) images. The fusion problem is formulated analytically in the framework of sparse representation, as an optimization of twin spectral-spatial dictionaries and their corresponding sparse coefficients. More specifically, the spectral dictionary representing the generalized spectrums and its spectral sparse coefficients are optimized by utilizing the observed LH and HM images in the spectral domain; and the spatial dictionary representing the spatial information and its spatial sparse coefficients are optimized by modeling the rest of high-frequency information in the spatial domain. Use: The KSVD toolbox should be installed first, and you can then run the program "main_OTD.m". Input: The LH and HM images, spectral response function, the parameters lambda, beta, T; Output: The fused high-spatial-resolution hyperspectral image, six full-reference quality metrics. Disclaimer: Any unauthorized use of these routines for industrial or profit-oriented activities is expressively prohibited.

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Appears in: [1] Han X, Yu J, Xue J-H, Sun W. Hyperspectral and multispectral image fusion using optimized twin dictionaries, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP), vol. 29, pp. 4709-4720, 2020.

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Sensor Categories: Optical Imager, Optical Spectrometer

Instrument Processing and Calibration Categories: Optical Imager, Optical Spectrometer

Keywords: Hyperspectral image fusion, optimized twin dictionaries (OTD), sparse representation, spectral dictionary, spatial dictionary