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[DOI: 10.21982/dpp9-e397 _target: ] SCoBi
Eroglu, Orhan; Boyd, Dylan; Kurum, Mehmet
SCoBi is a bistatic radar simulator. Inputs are: 1- Transmitter (frequency, range, EIRP, polarization, orientation) 2- Receiver (frequency, range, gain, altitude, polarization, orientation, antenna pattern) 3- Ground (Layer structure, texture, dielectric permittivity model) 4- Configuration (soil moisture, surface roughness) 5- Vegetation (scatterer types and distribution statistics)

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Code Access Instructions: Publicly available GitHub repository

Appears in: O. Eroglu, D. R. Boyd, M. Kurum, “SCoBi: A Free, Open-Source, SoOp Coherent Bistatic Scattering Simulator Framework,” IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine, 2018, in review.

Code Languages: Other - MATLAB

To compile code: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit MATLAB R2015a and above

Sensor Categories: Scatterometer, GPS, Other - Sensor

Geophysical Model: Direct

Geophysical Categories: Land: Soil Moisture, Land: Forest Biomass/Structure, Land: Land Cover/Land Use, Land: Crops

Keywords: Bistatic scattering, coherent model, framework, open-source simulator, scattering, signals of opportunity, simulation framework, simulator