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[DOI: 10.21982/v18n-hk45 _target: ] Iterative InSAR Phase Filter
Mestre-Quereda, Alejandro; Lopez-Sanchez, Juan M.; Selva, Jesus; Gonzalez, Pablo
The main function "" performs the filtering operation. Inputs: - interferogram: the phase (complex signal) to be filtered. - win_max, win_min: maximum and minimum window size - master_img, slave_img: Master & Slave images used to form the interferogram. - flag_sim: boolean flag (0/1) to check if input is a real (0) or a simulation (1). - quality_thresh: quality threshold allowing the filter to proceed. It is used for accelerating the algorithm. The larger the value, the faster the execution (for instance, 0.05). - multilook_size: the number of samples used for coherence estimation ([5,5], [7,7] ...) Output: - filtered_interferogram_out: filtered interferogram.

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Appears in: A. Mestre-Quereda and J. M. Lopez-Sanchez and J. Selva and P. J. Gonzalez, "An Improved Phase Filter for Differential SAR Interferometry Based on an Iterative Method", IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 56, no. 8, pp. 4477-4491, August 2018.

Code Languages: Other - Interactive Data Language IDL

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Sensor Categories: InSAR

Geophysical Model: Other -

Geophysical Categories: Land: Geologic Activity – Surface Deformation, Topography

Keywords: Differential synthetic aperture radar interferometry, Goldstein filter, phase noise filtering