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[DOI: 10.21982/M8G59W ] Polarization Synthesis of PolSAR Images
van Zyl, Jakob
Given a polarimetric image, this module synthesizes the radar image for any specified transmit and receive polarization combination. Angles are specified by the user for both the Rotation angle (ψ) and the Ellipticity angle (χ) for both the transmit and recieve antennas. The Ellipticity angle ranges from -45o (right circular polarization) to 0o (linear polarization) to +45o (left circular polarization), while the Rotation angle ranges from -90o (horizontal polarization), to 0o (vertical polarization) to +90o (horizontal polarization). The code currently works with one image only.

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Appears in: Microwave Radar and Radiometric Remote Sensing, Fawwaz Ulaby and David Long, Pages: 1116, ISBN: 978-0-472-11935-6 , 2014.

Code Languages: C, Javascript

Sensor Categories: SAR

Instrument Processing and Calibration Categories: SAR

Keywords: sar, polarization, synthesis